2023 Loan Limits

Each year the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) announces changes to loan limits based on changes to average home prices.  For 2023, loan limits effective and available today are

Conforming: $726,200

Conforming Jumbo: $1,089,300

These numbers are increases from the 2022 numbers of $647k & $970k.

A conforming loan allows 3% down (if you’re a first time buyer) and is a loan program available nationwide.  A conforming jumbo loan allows 5% down and is available only in high cost areas, like DC and the counties that surround DC.  Conforming and conforming jumbo loans are easier to qualify for than jumbo loans, and conforming & conforming jumbo loans are the majority of loans in the US.

Conforming loans often have superior pricing to conforming jumbo loans.  The market will dictate whether conforming/conforming jumbo vs jumbo have superior pricing.

These loan limits for conventional loans are effective now.  These limits will be available for FHA loans too, but not until 2023.


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