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Here’s why you should work with the Alex Jaffe Team:

  • Experience matters. I am a top producer at First Home Mortgage, and a nationally ranked top producer countrywide. First Home is the largest private lender in the region; we are top 5 for DC and largest lender in MD.
  • We use technology to automatically update you to track loan progress, and a secure web portal for filling out applications and uploading documents.
  • I have an experienced, communicative, and reliable three person team focused solely on our clients’ applications.
  • Fast approval time frames – averaging 17 days from application to clear to close
  • We pull dozens of pricing options daily to get the best rates possible
  • Realtors and clients recommend us
  • I am the #1 producer for DC Open Doors

I manage our team in Chevy Chase, which is where we handle all work on our clients’ applications.

We work well together. I am a top producer at First Home Mortgage, one of the top ten loan officers by volume in the District of Columbia, am the top producer for DC Open Doors, and am ranked in the top 200 among all loan officers nationwide by volume.

Most mortgage companies, especially banks and internet lenders, operate in a call-center / hub atmosphere where applications are processed collectively. There are bureaucratic layers of management and a firewall between loan officers and staff. Their client applications are one of many, and loan officers don’t control the workflow. Not only are you not getting information, your loan officer isn’t either.

We are different. Because we have a dedicated team that works together, we are both reliable and communicative. This is the reason we get so many recommendations from real estate agents and have strong reviews online from our past clients.

Technology also helps us track everything. We have a secure web portal for clients to easily complete an online loan pre-qualification and seamlessly upload their documents. Thanks to our team setup and our technology, we are able to average 17 days from the time the client begins processing to the time we are cleared to close the loan.

I love my company. We are a direct, private, correspondent lender and are the largest in the Mid-Atlantic region. First Home finances more purchase loans than any other lender in Maryland and is within the top 5 in DC. Being a private lender means we lend our own money and make our own decisions and it’s all done in-house. We also retain the servicing on over half the loans that we do. The advantage of being a correspondent is that it gives us access to over a dozen lenders’ guidelines and pricing. Each day we price our interest rates through these multiple lenders and then are able to pass that pricing on to our borrowers. It keeps us very competitive on pricing, and the multiple sets of guidelines.

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We are different. Because we have a dedicated team that works together, we are both reliable and communicative.

Alex Jaffe

Alex Jaffe is a mortgage loan originator in the Washington DC Metro area. He brings to each of his interactions a great level of care and attention to detail and prides himself on getting everything right, every single time. For first-time home buyers, Alex happily spends extra time to make sure his clients fully understand the home buying process and their loan. Alex is a top producer at First Home Mortgage and is one of the highest rated loan officers in the area, with client reviews found at http://www.yelp.com/biz/first-home-mortgage-chevy-chase and http://www.zillow.com/profile/Alexjaffe/

Alex has everything he needs in a company with First Home, including in-house processing & underwriting and a streamlined appraisal system. With First Home, Alex is able to offer a variety of loan programs including jumbo, Conventional, Renovation Homestyle and 203k, FHA, and down payment assistance loans. Alex regularly teaches first-time home buying classes all over the region. He is Past President of the DC alumni club for the University of Michigan, with over 19,000 members. Alex lives in Washington, DC with his wife Jackie and sons Louie, Cole, and Moe

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Patrick Tarectecan

Patrick Tarectecan joined the Alex Jaffe Team in 2014 and brings to it over eight years of mortgage experience. He has worked locally in the industry as a loan officer, processor, and underwriter. Patrick holds a degree from the University of Maryland – College Park in Economics. He was born and raised in the DC area, enjoys participating in 10Ks and marathons, as well as spending time with his 11 year old son, DJ, and baby girl Evie.
Reach Patrick at 240-479-7659 or tarec@firsthome.com

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