Conventional Renovation – Homestyle

I’m pleased to share that we now offer conventional renovation loans, called the homestyle program.  The use of this program is for a purchaser who would like to finance the purchase of a property and also receive financing for renovations and repairs.  Previously, there was only the FHA 203k loan which is sometimes a more expensive choice because of the .80-1.05%/year mortgage insurance.

The conventional Homestyle program is available for those who have the cash to put down 5%, for loan amounts up to $1,089,300, or 3% down up to $726,200.

The program works for owner occupants, second homes, and investment properties!  Second homes will require 10% down and investment properties require 25% down.  These are great options for purchasers who plan to buy and hold a property, they are not intended for investors who plan to flip, however.

On a conventional loan if the purchaser is putting down 20%, there is no mortgage insurance.  This differs from FHA which requires mortgage insurance at any down payment.

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