Down Payment Assistance

There are down payment assistance and low down payment programs available both nationally and locally.  I have written below the descriptions of each program to aid in understanding what is available.  During your initial conversation, we will review your financial situation to see what is the best fit for you.

For most first time buyers, putting together the down payment is the hardest part of purchasing.  And so the government has eased this by offering down payment assistance programs with either grants or interest-free-loans.  The “catch” is that sometimes these loan programs come with higher interest rates than if you were making the down payment yourself.


HOC and MMP (Montgomery County HOC and Maryland Mortgage Program)

Maryland Grant Program

Howard County SDLP

Takoma Park Home Stretch

Gaithersburg Homebuyer Assistance Loan Program


DC Open Doors

DC Tax Abatement




Available everywhere:

Home Ready and Home Possible

MCC (Mortgage Credit Certificate)

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