DC Open Doors

Zero down payment purchase financing in Washington DC that most people qualify for.  And it’s easy!  New income cap for 2019: $145,560 (based on borrower income, not household income).  Maximum loan amount for 2019 is $484,350.  New in June 2019: Additional grants for eligible applicants, up to $2,500 for households with incomes under $59,950 or up to $1,500 for households with incomes under $95,920.

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The DC Open Doors loan provides zero down payment financing to purchasers in Washington DC.  The program lends the required 3% (conventional) or 3.5% (FHA) down payment to the purchaser as a loan.  Also, on the conventional DC Open Doors Program, the purchaser is eligible for a reduction in their mortgage insurance payments!

You can participate in the program, and choose whether or not to take the down payment assistance loan.  By taking the down payment assistance you will also incur a slightly higher interest rate.  Or, fund your own down payment, and get a lower interest rate.  I can help you decide which is the best plan for you.  Should you wish to forego the down payment assistance, on a conventional loan the minimum down payment is 3%, and on an FHA it is 3.5%.  I can help you determine whether the FHA, or the conventional, loan is the right program for you!

Typically the first step is setting up an initial phone call to discuss your basic financials, cash requirements, monthly payments to expect, and answer any questions you have.  I look forward to hearing from you.


Pre-Qualify Now: https://ajaffe.firsthome.com/startapp

ajaffe@firsthome.com 240 – 479 – 7658


For the conventional DC open doors loan, there is a first time buyer class requirement.  You may complete it here:


When it asks, your home buyer education code is ajaffe@gofirsthome.com

The class however is not required if you have previously owned real estate.