The Family Homeownership Program (FHOP) offers 100% financing without mortgage insurance for eligible buyers (no down payment required).

Eligibility for the program is based on either a) meeting household income caps or b) buying in an area where there is no household income cap. Although being a first time home buyer is not a requirement of the program, it’s necessary you not own real estate at the time of purchasing.

It’s possible to be eligible in one of two ways:

  1. Your household income is considered low or moderate based on the census tract for your purchase. The income cap is 80% of the median family income. In DC and the counties that touch DC, this income cap is $121,680 in 2023. Check out the searchable income limits here


2. If your household income is above 80% of median family income, meaning over $121,680 in DC, but you’re buying within an eligible census tract, AND your purchase price is below the median sales price, you might still be eligible. Here is the link to check if it’s a low or moderate income census tract (middle income / upper income census tracts are ineligible).  It must be either low or moderate for this option to work:

If you are above 80% of median family income and your purchase price is over $250k but less than the median sales price, the first $250k doesn’t require a down payment but you need a 5%+ down payment for above $250k.  So for instance on a $450k sales price the down payment is 5% of $200,000 which is $10,000.

The program is only available to purchasers who’ll occupy the property. It is a conventional loan which cannot be combined with most other programs.  The program is compatible with houses, town and rowhouses, and condos. It’s incompatible with co-ops and multi-unit properties.  If the property being purchased is a condo, at least 70% of the unit owners must be owner occupants.

30 year, 20 year, and 15 year fixed are the 3 loan options and the maximum debt to income ratio is 45%.



Ready to pre-qualify? You can start here

After you submit a pre-qualification, the typical list of documents we’ll need uploaded are:

Driver’s license or other government photo id

Last 2 pay stubs

Last 2 w2s

Last federal 2 tax returns

Last 2 months bank statements/investment/retirement

(If applicable) current rental lease

Homebuyer counseling is required. If you have taken a HUD approved counseling course it’ll be accepted.  Or this program is also accepted.


Some other notes:

A two year employment history without gaps is required. Eligibility for the program is determined by household income (everyone who’ll live in the property).


Questions: 240-479-7658 or