How do I appeal my property tax?

After you purchase your home, you’re going to start receiving annual property tax bills.  A copy of the bill will also be sent to your lender if you are escrowing your property taxes.  Many people, when seeing their assessments rise, will want to appeal their taxes.  Most jurisdictions will want you to appeal within 30-45 days of receiving your notice of assessment.  You will typically mail in an appeal.  This may be followed by an in-person review.

Here are the sites for local jurisdictions with instructions on appeals which should be very helpful:

Washington DC

Maryland (Assessments are done by the state every three years)

Fairfax County

Arlington County


If you need assistance with documentation or evidence, a local appraiser or real estate agent are your best sources of information.  Your sales price, if recent, is also a great source.  Hope this helps!