HPAP, or the Home Purchase Assistance Program, is built for first time buyers in Washington DC needing assistance with the down payment and closing costs. Approved applicants are eligible for a repayable loan for both closing costs and down payment funds.  The down payment assistance loan can range from about $16,000 to $80,000, and the closing cost assistance up to $4,000.

The minimum cash contribution for a buyer when using HPAP funds is either $500 or half of their savings above $3,000.

The HPAP loan repayment is deferred for five years after the purchase, and then must be paid back over a forty year period with no interest. The remaining sum is due in full upon moving out or selling.  Therefore if you plan to move out of the property and convert it to a rental, this program may not be a good fit.
More information on HPAP, and on how to apply, is found at


The income limits for the program vary by household size, and is found below here:hpap income limit 2018


DC government employees may also be eligible for EAHP, or the employer assistance housing program. This provides for an additional $5,000 grant towards closing costs and a $20,000 repayable loan as well. Pre-qualify for EAHP through the http://www.gwul.org/programs/housing/hpap as well.  The maximum sales price for getting EAHP by itself without HPAP money is $625,500.

Be aware that the documents you must provide are:
 Signed application
 Two most recent pay stubs for all applicants (ALL JOBS)
 Last 60 days bank statements for ALL ACCOUNTS
 Most recent 3-Years federal tax returns for all adults
 Most recent 3-Years W-2s for all adults
 Most recent 2-Years District tax returns for all adults
 Credit report
 Signed Rental Verification Form
 Rental lease
 Statement of Authenticity of All Tax Returns
 Supplemental Income award letters (IF APPLICABLE)
 Driver’s license or identification card for all applicants
 Divorce decree, 3 child support pay stubs and court order (IF APPLICABLE)
 Notarized gift letter and two bank statements for donor (IF APPLICABLE)
 If Self-Employed, 3-years federal tax returns, YTD Profit and Loss Statement (IF APPLICABLE)
 First Right Notice from landlord (IF APPLICABLE)
 Letter explaining employment gaps (IF APPLICABLE)
 Birth certificates for all dependents (IF APPLICABLE)
 Written explanation of any credit problems (IF APPLICABLE)
 Ratified Sales Contract (IF APPLICABLE)
 Signed Authorization to Release Information to Non-Profit Developers
 Signed Authorization to Release Information for Applicants

In addition to pre-qualifying through the Greater Washington Urban League, you also need to qualify through me as well for pre-approval, and you may pre-qualify through this link:

HPAP borrowers need to allow additional time for both loan approvals to come through, so should put in offers on properties with closing windows of over 60 days.  You will need also a passing home inspection through one of their preferred inspectors.

These are the two lists of approved inspectors (anyone on either list works):