Loan Limits Increase in 2018

Beginning with closings in 2018, the new conforming loan limit is $679,650.  This’ll be the maximum loan for a 5% down one-loan-scenario, which will be a purchase price of $715,421.  However, 5% down will be available up to purchase prices of $978,578 with financing with two loans.  3% down will still be available for loan amounts up to $453,100, which puts the maximum sales price with 3% down at $467,113.

Beginning with contracts in 2018, the new FHA loan limit is also $679,650, which puts the maximum FHA sales price with the minimum 3.5% down at $704,300.


The loan limits however do increase if a buyer is purchasing a multi-unit property.

1 Unit: $679,650

2 Unit: $870,225

3 Unit: $1,051,875

4 Unit: $1,307,175


If a loan amount exceeds these limits, a property can still be financed with a larger down payment utilizing jumbo financing.