Towns on Grove

As of 5/3/21, Towns on Grove is now sold out.

Hi! Thank you for your interest in pre-qualifying to purchase workforce housing for the Towns on Grove.  It’s a pleasure to be of assistance.  This website serves as instructions for how to begin.  All adults in the household should apply for the purchase.

To learn more about myself and my company, please visit

If you need down payment assistance, we might look to pursue financing through HOC.

And here’s more info on how we determine what you qualify for:


The best financing for you will depend on your credit and how much you are able to put down.  It is helpful if you can email me guidance on your feelings on budget for the monthly payment and upfront cash to close to  Please also tell me how many people are in your household and their ages.

It ordinarily takes 2-3 business days to review an application once submitted.  Please follow the steps below to submit an application, to begin the process.

  1. Register, fill out, and submit the online application to the web portal by first clicking on this link
  2. After submitting the application, securely upload your documentation to the same web portal.   All adults should likely apply.  But if an adult has no income, little credit, please reach out to me for guidance.
    1. Driver’s license if US citizen, front/back of permanent resident card if permanent resident, or visa if a visa holder.
    2. Last month of pay stubs
    3. Last two months bank statements including investment & retirement
    4. 3 years federal tax returns
    5. Request 3 years “record of account” from
    6. 2 years w2s
    7. Provide first time home buyer class certificate if you have it?  If not, complete online first time buyer test. You may do so at  Your home buyer education code is