Employment history

Whenever you apply for a loan, you’ll be required to provide a two year history of either employment or time in school. If your income is salaried, we’ll calculate and qualify your income based on your salary. If your income is variable and is hourly, bonus, commission, or via tips, we’ll calculate your income based on…

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Loan Limits Increase in 2018

Beginning with closings in 2018, the new conforming loan limit is $679,650.  This’ll be the maximum loan for a 5% down one-loan-scenario, which will be a purchase price of $715,421.  However, 5% down will be available up to purchase prices of $978,578 with financing with two loans.  3% down will still be available for loan…

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A recast differs from a refinance. The purpose of a recast is to lower your monthly payment without having to take out a new loan.  With a recast, you will pay down your principal balance and request the lender recalculate the lower mortgage payment based on the lower balance. In order to engage in a…

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Let’s get started!  You may begin in one of two ways:  Phone call or in person meeting.  E-mail me at or call 240-479-7658 to set this up. Or, you may begin with the online form and we can connect afterwards.  Start here: Refinance Learn more about how working with me is different from other loan officers: My Team…

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My role as your loan officer is to help guide you in deciding how to best finance your home purchase.  There are several loan programs to choose from, and the best choice for you is based on analysis of your income, debts, assets, credit, and your goals and long term plans. Let’s get started!  You may…

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