Dream is available to home buyers who meet the underwriting requirements of either Home Ready or Home Possible. The $3,000 is a grant from First Home Mortgage.  The mortgage the grant is paired with must also be obtained, and the mortgage and grant together are the Dream program.

To qualify for Dream, income needs to be under 80% of area median income and the minimum down payment is 3% of the purchase price and maximum down payment 5% of the purchase price. If your income is below 50% of area median income, you may qualify for One which is a $5,500 grant instead of $3,000!  Learn more:

Closing costs are additional.  In DC and in the counties that surround the district, 80% of area median income is currently $120,320. Check income caps here.

This program is a conventional loan  (not an FHA nor a VA nor a USDA loan). This program is not compatible with bond loan programs like DC Open Doors, VHDA, Maryland Mortgage Program, or HOC. This program is also not compatible with FHLB nor Heroes nor HPAP